Recruiting Marketing
and Admissions Staff

Whilst every appointment in any school is important, there can be few – apart from the Head – that have more potential impact on a school’s future recruitment success than having the right people responsible for the marketing of the school and for the management of its Admissions.

What structure is right for your school will depend not only on its size and how many pupils you need to recruit each year, it will also depend on your current staffing, and the skills and experience of the relevant staff members.

SMP will be happy to review your current structure, discuss the options open to you and agree the best solution for your school. Whilst based on our experience with other schools, this solution will always be the one uniquely suited to your own circumstances. A Marketing Director on £65k + car + secretarial support, plus a Registrar on a commensurate package of benefits is unlikely to be the solution for all but a small number of schools. For most it will first be a question of identifying what optimal structure is indicated. What talents – perhaps latent – and weaknesses currently exist and what mix of roles will serve the school best in the immediate future, within budgetary constraints should be the priority, even if the ‘solution’ at first seems obvious. SMP will be happy to be engaged solely to apply its professional skills and experience for this first stage, if this is the school’s wish, or we can be engaged to subsequently recruit whatever team members are required. Sometimes the creation of the reconfigured team will also involve further training in Admissions of team members, and this is something we are happy to undertake.

To find out more how SMP can help with reviewing your current structure and the recruitment of marketing and admissions staff, please contact us.

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