"Fail to Plan and you Plan to Fail"

This adage is as relevant today as when it was first coined over 200 years ago. The best way to ensure marketing activities are prioritised, and can be funded by the budget, is to have a clear, action-oriented Marketing Plan. Containing clear, realistic and realisable objectives that Plan must provide for full allocation of costs and responsibilities, and allow for evaluation of each activity’s effectiveness.

Honing a school’s marketing activities down to a maximum of a few sides is always a challenge, but by doing so it becomes a ‘living spreadsheet’, as one client school Marketing Manager called it. SMP can help you by writing such a Plan. Once written it can then be updated each year by you, with or without SMP’s involvement, as you wish. Drawing up that first, clear Plan is thus an investment not only in more effective marketing, but in a better managed future.


  • Creates an annual programme to include all your school’s marketing activities
  • Ensures objectives are clear
  • Identifies how the objectives will be met with specific, measurable & costed activities
  • Creates a timetable (so no surprises in terms of school workload - or budget)
  • Sets priorities
  • Allocates responsibilities
  • Identifies costs
  • Allows for subsequent evaluation, item by item

For more information on a Marketing Plan for your school, please contact us.

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