Making your marketing more effective

With no let-up in competitive pressures, every school needs to address their marketing in a professional manner if they are to prosper. Yet every school’s budget will be limited so it is important for every marketing activity to be cost-effective.

Many schools may feel that it is time for the school to reconsider how it undertakes its marketing. An SMP Marketing Audit allows a school to take stock, review its competitive positioning and plan for continuing success in provenly successful and appropriate ways. This is a comprehensive, formalised way of assessing the market in which the school operates and the way the organisation runs itself in relation both to that market's needs and to its own declared objectives.


  • Confirms to the SMT – and to Governors - that a professional assessment of the School's marketing requirements is being formally and professionally addressed
  • Delivers a necessary, impartial, external view of the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the School, an essential precursor to subsequent decision-making
  • Minimises inappropriate, non-focused, promotional expenditure
  • Encourages the effective construction of budgets, the allocation of marketing spending and the continuing evaluation of their relative effectiveness
  • Initiates a process which will help harness all key decision-makers and ‘influencers’ within the School to make ‘common cause’
  • Expands the awareness of, and encourages commitment to, the concept and benefits of marketing, as a pro-active tool to help the School prosper further in the future

For more information on a Marketing Audit, please contact us.

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