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Over the years SMP has undertaken research amongst current parents at a large number of independent schools. What we have found is that it can be hugely valuable to find the views of the school’s teaching staff at the same time. Not only can similar issues be addressed in both researches – and the common or contrasting views identified – but when undertaken simultaneously, it also has the useful benefit of demonstrating to staff that their views, too, are also valued by the Head and the SMT.

In addition, on some occasions when there are issues of concern in a common room, perhaps the legacy of a recently departed Head, the undertaking of such research at the request of the new Head has often helped address and improve matters, showing that staff views and concerns are of real interest to the ‘new management’. In common with all SMP opinion research, the structure will always allow staff to write in their views in detail on particular aspects, not just ‘tick boxes’, thereby not only making the research outcomes more valuable, but also ensuring staff members feel they really have had an opportunity to air their views. And what they have to say is sometimes surprising…

If you would like to find out more about learning what your staff think, please contact us.

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