Parent opinion and satisfaction surveys

In SMP’s experience there are few successful schools which do not undertake parental opinion research from time to time. Undoubtedly the most advantageous route to maximising value from research – and the most cost-effective too – is to talk with an experienced research organisation such as SMP, identify what it is the school wants to know from its various constituencies, and determine a thought-through plan to obtain the answers. This will create a rolling timetable to deliver all those answers without having too great an impact on the school’s marketing budget in one particular year.

Whether your school has only modest sums set aside for research or it is a major element of your marketing budget, in the competitive independent education market, it is vital for every school to have authoritative, up-to-date information on their parents’ views. Without this knowledge no school can match most appropriately and effectively what their school offers to what parents are seeking for their child. Every SMP survey is tailor-made to meet each school’s needs and seeks the views of its parents – and sometimes its pupils and staff as well – on a wide range of issues.

If you would like to discuss undertaking research among your parents, without involving you in any costs, please contact us.

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