Demographic Analysis

It is a difficult task to seek to determine the most advantageous marketing strategy for your school without the support of reliable data on your catchment’s characteristics.

Three possible routes to helping you gain a clearer understanding are

  • Undertaking an analysis of birth rates, projecting school age numbers and considering other major local recruitment influences to support informed decision-making
  • Providing you with a base map showing the homes of all your current pupils within your catchment, each stage (e.g. nursery, junior, senior) being shown in a different colour
  • Providing maps of your catchment, perhaps as acetate overlays to a base map, showing areas that contain homes with children of age ranges that are of relevance to your recruitment needs and living in families with above-average incomes

Whilst these are the discriminators that are most popular with clients, we approach each school’s needs individually. You do not have to buy a pre-determined service – just solutions that best meet your specific needs. And since October 2012, when detailed data sets from the 2011 Census outputs started to become available, the ‘numbers’ once again have become reliable information for creating useful forecasts and action plans – a very real and valuable benefit.

Some of the uses to which demographic analyses can be put:

  • More accurate forecasting to support future whole school strategy development
  • Providing enhanced bases for marketing investment decision-making
  • Identifying ways of refining existing – and creating new – bus routes
  • Showing where to target your promotional activity, including any direct marketing you may be considering

For more information on providing the demographic data that is important for your school, whether forecasting pupil numbers, designing bus routes or meeting some other marketing need, please contact us.

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