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The one you must get right

Managing Admissions successfully should be at the core of every school’s marketing. It has to be a priority and its functioning needs to be reviewed regularly to ensure your school is at the cutting edge of ‘best practice’. Get it right – you get those 3 or 4 extra, appropriate, pupils; get it wrong – you don’t.

If you feel it could be time to consider an external evaluation of your Admissions procedures, by inviting SMP’s participation you will be taking the first step towards increasing the effectiveness of your school’s Admissions processes and maximising your school’s pupil registrations.

Some of the benefits:

  • A significantly improved and more effective Admissions operation
  • A useful evaluation of the quality of your school's response to parents, particularly in comparison with its direct competitors
  • Benchmarks for measuring and achieving future recruitment targets
  • Provision of helpful advice and procedures to stop those three or four extra pupils slipping through the net

If all recommendations are implemented, your school will have a greater ‘enquirer conversion’ performance, so that in future your school will secure more pupil registrations

Other SMP assistance that may also be appropriate includes:

  • INSET training sessions on admissions
  • Arranging for a Mystery Shopper to assess anonymously your Admissions operation, and
  • Researching the views of ‘non-buying’ parents who visited, but rejected your school, to seek their views

For more information on our Admissions Review, please call us or, if you would prefer to email us, please click here. A Mystery Shopper visit and report is totally complementary to an SMP Admissions Review; there is no overlap between the two services.

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