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What schools are there for my child? Which teach children of my child’s age? Which are geographically accessible? Which affordable? Which are well regarded? Do any offer a single-sex environment?

Several SMP researches show that whilst the school selection process is often complex, it almost always starts with a parent trawling the web. The first impression of a school website’s home page, the amount and the quality of information provided by the site, the ease of navigation and how up-to-date it is kept are all indirect communications to parent prospects of how important you regard them and can strongly influence a prospect’s view of your school.

To ensure your school does not fall at this first hurdle, SMP provides a website auditing service that will consider how appealing to parents is the initial impression of your website, in comparison with up to 4 competitor schools that you identify, and then evaluates aspects such as overall ease of navigation, whether page links function appropriately and review it against several more important criteria, offering suggestions as to the enhancements that should perhaps be incorporated. Often it is SMP’s development of a keyword strategy for a site that is particularly welcomed. Whilst its absence will not be visible, to achieve advantageous rankings by search engines, terminologies are important. As an example, in a particular month Google recorded 720 enquiries for ‘private schools in Oxfordshire’ yet only 480 for ‘independent schools in Oxfordshire’; getting the text right matters.

To explore how an SMP website audit might be able to enhance your school’s website, please contact us.

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