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We think advertising is still important; not everyone solely Googles, accesses Facebook pages or follows Twitter feeds. But many schools still waste money on advertising, either through not planning ahead, not buying effectively or being insufficiently creative in their approach. The view we take is that there should be SIX distinct elements in implementing effective advertising:

  1. Determine your specific advertising objectives within your school’s overall Marketing Plan
  2. Agree the available budget for the year
  3. Create effective, visually strong, advertising using school-experienced graphic designers
  4. Identify the relevant media that best meets the objectives, and book - as cost-effectively as possible - that media within your budget
  5. Consider adjusting the media schedule during the year in the light of new media opportunities or changing school or market circumstances
  6. Manage the associated administrative processes as effectively as possible

SMP can help in two ways, firstly by designing marketing-led, objectives-focused advertising in ways that we know work far more effectively than much current school advertising and, secondly, by ensuring that media spending is planned and cost effective.

By working with a recognised media brokerage, SMP can not only plan you a more effective media schedule, but also buy the space at less cost – and you keep the savings. We also handle all the pestering phone calls from publications’ sales staff so you don’t have to deal with them – unless you choose to. What is more, this planning and implementation service need cost you absolutely nothing. To discuss how we may be able to help, please contact us.

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